Insurance? Like duh.. Why?… See why… I’m Hampy and I’m adding this for a note for my followers…

This caught my eye, so I added here, and added my painting from Lo to the article.  Hope you enjoy, and pay attention.  Life is full of miracles, but we also have to make sure we address the parts that can help us stay “Hampy” through the rough times. “Smile.  It’s worth a world to not only you when you shine doing it, but to others as well for seeing that shine.”  Hampy

At SmartTerm we know insurance is boring.  At least it’s perceived to be boring until you receive the stories.  The stories are real and we thought we would share a couple.

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The Money Pit

“No matter what you think you are buying, mortgage insurance IS important.”

Insurance For Children?

Sometimes we don’t realize just how important it IS…  Read on…

“I want to say thank you.  A few years ago you suggested health insurance for our family as both my husband and I were self-employed.  We also had two children.  We took your advice to take on Group Life Insurance for our small company, and today we are grateful for this.

by Lo Campbell, creator of Hampy

A year ago our son was diagnosed with cancer.  For most of us we believe that OHIP will carry the costs, but it’s not so.  Without the extended insurance we received, we managed through.  Good news is, our son is now in full remission, a cancer survivor.  What we realized, however, during this period of chemotherapy and several regular visits to the hospital, was the scary reality that even if he hadn’t survived there would have been the additional costs of the funeral, and so much more.  These are facts we had to face during our frightful time.

SmartTerm, thank you and you were wonderful through this whole process.  We are grateful he is still with us and that we were diligent enough to listen to you and take out the insurance when both our children were really young, both health and life.  You see, the health thing was one thing, the life another.  Our son wouldn’t have been eligible anymore if we hadn’t gotten the life insurance policy.  Or at least we know it would be much more difficult.  We’re a “happy ending” story, at least so far.  We thank God for that.  But we hope our story will help others understand how sometimes you forget what “might happen in life”.  It’s not always what you think.  Anyone smart enough to listen, or even research the value of insurance options the agent tells you about – it’s absolutely worth it.”

The person who submitted this letter asked to remain anonymous for the benefit of her son and family.  Painting is by Lo Campbell with her character Hampy called “Letting Go”.  The meaning of the name is derived from moving forward with knowledge of how to move towards the positive.

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