A New Year!!

Happy 2018!! This year my creator, LaurieAnn, also now known as LA, is taking a challenge of uploading once a week a new sketch of me and Ragfuss and she will be adding new characters to our family!!!  Our first new friend is Niquiqui!  Niquiqui is a sweetheart looking to make a difference in the world by bringing awareness about the plastic issues that are affecting us globallly.

So in this post, she is adding a couple    of the ones she has done in 2017.  LA has been taking sketching courses to be able to finalize the two books she already wrote and were damaged in a basement flood.  She also has great ideas for a new book!  The challenge is on, so that at the end of 2018 she wants 52 new sketches.  I have to say I am super hampy and so is Ragfuss.  We have missed her here and there over the years, regarding her attention to us, but we have always been there.  It is now 37 years since we first met, and 7 years since our first “real” published book.  I really believe the ones LA will be producing in the next year or two will be even better, because this time the graphics will not be redone by someone, but they will all be done by her! 🙂  She is also presently play with her iPad for better graphics.  Stay tuned!!


One thought on “A New Year!!

  1. Guess I messed up on last year.. so my Hampy is upset.. this year it will be more of an achievable goal as all
    that I am setting… Hampy? Once a month and we will make it really fun!! Afterall, I spent all that money last
    year for my last promise that didn’t happen on my Ipad… that draws you beautifully… I do need some content??

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