I Can’t Say How Much I Can Relate To This Video!!!1


My daughter has meant so much to me over to the years.  I don’t discount my wonderful sons, don’t get me wrong, but she keeps creeping back into my life in a wonderful way.  I too did not want children… felt it was tough enough for me… but had one son… who led me to my daughter… ( and yes to another son). I have no preferences, but I will say, this song is for my daughter… who would have thought my life would be all the more… because of her.  My daughter cleans up plastic in her own time.  She doesn’t send it out to the world that she is doing this, but shows me pictures! I am so proud.  She knows her education is one thing… but to live and live and well and love… she has learned, and to do what you can, and what you are passionate about at the same time.  I AM SO PROUD OF HER!! so I am proud to dedicate this song too too my daughter. Thank you for matching this beautiful song to this beautiful video!! Who would have thought?? 🙂

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