Hampy Book Finally On Sale on Amazon.com!!

  I am seriously so happy that the book finally got onto Amazon.com.  It is not an easy process to become a seller, let me tell you!!  My publicist did it for me when I paid him to do so, but understanding that my book is self-published, and copyrighted, so he has no ownership ofContinue reading “Hampy Book Finally On Sale on Amazon.com!!”

Hampy Meets Donella, Inspired by my Baby Sister

Okay, I will admit.  My sister and I are not babies anymore.  Or are we not?  We still crave attention, still do wonderfully young people things like dance when no one is watching (or are) sing in our cars, because we know everyone now thinks you are just talking to someone on your cell, soContinue reading “Hampy Meets Donella, Inspired by my Baby Sister”

My Inspiration – Ted Knight – Too Close For Comfort

I created Hampy in 1980. I watched the show Too Close for Comfort for the duration it was. I loved Ted Knight. I was horrified when I found out he passed away, because I could relate to him in this show. His cow character. Like mine. My Hampy. I bought a drafting table to drawContinue reading “My Inspiration – Ted Knight – Too Close For Comfort”