Hampy Meets Donella, Inspired by my Baby Sister

Okay, I will admit.  My sister and I are not babies anymore.  Or are we not?  We still crave attention, still do wonderfully young people things like dance when no one is watching (or are) sing in our cars, because we know everyone now thinks you are just talking to someone on your cell, so you don’t look stupid, except for the little swagger in your shoulders while you are apparently talking to someone.  Ya.  The 50’s.  You feel like you are still in your 20’s, but the Millenials don’t even sing to the top of their lungs anymore in their cars to great music.  What is up with that???  Singing with or alone in a car was big and fun!  What happened to that?


Anyway, I digress.  This book ending is for my baby sister.  The book was written for her.  I still have to recreate in new technology.  It was water damaged, but I’m sure I can find someone capable, or I can learn.

Regardless, I have all of the originals at least scanned.  And to that I love this… and I think many people would get it, either as child, or a parent.

Hugs to all!

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