My Inspiration – Ted Knight – Too Close For Comfort

I created Hampy in 1980. I watched the show Too Close for Comfort for the duration it was. I loved Ted Knight. I was horrified when I found out he passed away, because I could relate to him in this show. His cow character. Like mine. My Hampy. I bought a drafting table to draw Hampy on. I sketched by hand. I drew all, and coloured many of my Hampy characters on that table. My saddest moment was when I went through a financial stressful period and had to say goodbye to that table. I am sure the biggest reason for that was because I was losing my connection to Ted.

I am sure Ted would continue to this day creating on his drafting table.  I have found new way.  My new iPad.  I can make my art look so wonderful so easily and with passion doing it.  I just wish I had met him.  I have to people many people who have inspired me to revive Hampy.  Brent Pearce, one of the first people to get a clay model of Hampy in 1980, Ted, and my dad, who still believes in Hampy.  So this year… I will share my 38 years with Hampy on this page, one by one.  And although my dogs chewed up my rendition of Hampy sewed by hand and pretty cool to have had him as a stuffed version of my beautiful Hampy Happy character that has brought me through so much in my life, I will make him come back to life.  And too Ragfuss and Frippy bird.  Stay tuned!  Videos with us together will follow. 🙂  And Hampy’s 40th birthday will be the best, as mine was.

Original printed book available. Only 50 copies left.  🙂  Contact me and I will personally sign it and send it for $15.  Local though.  International, I have to look into the shipping costs.

Thank you for being here and reading this!! It means a LOT to me!! and Hampy, and Ragfuss, and Frippy Bird. 😉

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