Hampy Book Finally On Sale on Amazon.com!!


I am seriously so happy that the book finally got onto Amazon.com.  It is not an easy process to become a seller, let me tell you!!  My publicist did it for me when I paid him to do so, but understanding that my book is self-published, and copyrighted, so he has no ownership of it.  He did what he could back in 2010, but I am now feeling comfortable sharing this and selling it at a very discounted price from the bitcoin price it is being sold at with another vendor.

I am honoured, as stated before, but I wanted to be able to share Hampy’s message at an affordable price.  Understand, this is a first edition, and much work to be done to bring it up to par with the first rendition that was done by hand, hand painted, and the words done on a typewriter, back when we couldn’t personally enhance all this by computer.  1980.  It wasn’t long after though that graphics started finding their way to a more simplistic method.  Still, I am holding my original, water damaged manuscript with me, along with the other two, which will also be reproduced.

In the interim, I hope you celebrate with me!! Hampy!  On Sale On Amazon by the Author!!! 🙂


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