Introducing Myself as Hampy’s Creator On Video… Totally Scary! LOL

So I have been told that the best way to reach to people is to be you and introduce yourself.  Lately, with Social Media, you can do this with video and wave to say hi.. This me… This is Hampy’s creator.  I am LaurieAnn.  I am not perfect.  But I can say on video, how Hampy, as a creative outlet has changed my world.  I will continue my videos and share those moments of how my creative outlet.. and in a way… my best friend now for 38 years, molded me into someone who understands… bullying, judging, just… not being not being nice to someone… can make or break someone.  I was someone who made it… but not everyone is able to get past it… so this is MY INSPIRATION… and my inspirational character.  So when life was a challenge… it always was… “What would Hampy do to make you Happy?”… and you find a reason.  And you smile… so here I am… his creator… saying HI!!!!!

Okay, and I will admit.  This was NOT easy.  Seeing yourself on camera, doing your first video… even with Hampy there with me?… it was not easy.  Marc Lalonde told me it wouldn’t be.  He was right.  I was exhausted, because I don’t think I took a proper breath!  LOL… but you have to reach beyond, go beyond, be bold and find you life.

(By the way, I like the Fan I have behind my Hampy… Marc also said you two types of people.  Followers… and Fans.. Strange.. that picture was made in 2011. Way before he said that! Wish I had known… so now…. Hampy Fans.. share the picture 🙂 ).. Ah for the love of Social Media… But to me… that picture is perfectly perfect.)

Like I said… it doesn’t matter what creative outlet you have.. it is so relieving stress wise to have even one.  Hampy has been my primary, but I also sew (as you can tell by my Hampy rendition) and I knit, and I paint, and I cross-stich.

No matter what people say about you… be YOU.  I am learning this even today… doing this first video that I am publishing on a website.  You are only as strong as your ability to know… you can do it…

And so below… I didn’t think I could… but I did it!! It’s not perfect… but is anything or anyone?… Make it happen!! 2019 is for doers… Hugs… love you … and thanks for being there!!  🙂


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