Hampy Meets Donella, Inspired by my Baby Sister

Okay, I will admit.  My sister and I are not babies anymore.  Or are we not?  We still crave attention, still do wonderfully young people things like dance when no one is watching (or are) sing in our cars, because we know everyone now thinks you are just talking to someone on your cell, soContinue reading “Hampy Meets Donella, Inspired by my Baby Sister”

I Can’t Say How Much I Can Relate To This Video!!!1

  My daughter has meant so much to me over to the years.  I don’t discount my wonderful sons, don’t get me wrong, but she keeps creeping back into my life in a wonderful way.  I too did not want children… felt it was tough enough for me… but had one son… who led meContinue reading “I Can’t Say How Much I Can Relate To This Video!!!1”

Welcome to Hampy’s Website

I am so happy to have Hampy’s site back up again.  We took a bit of a sabbatical and in so doing, the site was closed down and the content was lost.  But luckily we have a back up system, so we well be able to build this site again.  This time we want itContinue reading “Welcome to Hampy’s Website”